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Tot a Punt Catering

It is a Majorcan company with more than 20 years of experience, offering service and quality to private and business clients.

The name of the company Tot a Punt, is the translation in Catalan and the philosophy of its founders, Juan Binimelis and Margdalena Forteza, of having “everything ready” for the celebration of the event. Because the characteristic that defines a good event, from a bad event, is the basis of having had a good organiser.

Tot a Punt Catering, is much more than a catering company, in charge of offering the menu for your event. It is a company specialised in the integral organisation of the event, they have the capacity to give answers and solutions to all the needs to organise an event in Mallorca.

Tot a Punt is made up of a multidisciplinary team, with its own catering department, equipment rental, decoration, tents, lighting and logistics. A highly qualified team, in constant training.

The company has its headquarters in Manacor and an office in the heart of Palma, just a few metres from the famous Avenida Jaume III. It has its own logistics centre and an exhibition showroom of over 600 metres, which allows it to provide solutions for professionals in the sector.

This makes it the largest supplier for event professionals in the Balearics, which is why it can offer the best prices on the market with the best service, as it does not have to go to other companies to provide solutions for its clients.
Choosing Tot a Punt means having to communicate with a single interlocutor to be able to respond to all the needs that an event requires.
They can move to any space the client wishes, but they also manage exclusive properties with a Mallorcan character, with multiple spaces that always include interior plan B or the possibility of installing any type of tent. Easily accessible places that also provide a differential value to your event.
Son Mesquida Nou, a historic estate in Mallorca since 1600, 18 km from the centre of Palma. Sa Franquesa Nova, a renovated boutique hotel with panoramic views and exclusive gardens with room for plan B included. Aumallia Hotel & Spa, an old Mallorcan inn, which has recently renovated its facilities to adapt them to a corporate audience that seeks to meet in nature, but with all the luxury of comfort. And the two large spaces that offer special value to the events that take place there, the Gordiola Museum, the famous hand-blown glass factory with over 300 years of tradition, and Molí d’ Events, a space with a restored mill that brings authenticity to your event.
Tot a Punt Catering offers Mediterranean haute cuisine, emphasising traditional Mallorcan recipes with a touch of the avant-garde. The company’s philosophy is to offer at an event the same service that can be found in a good restaurant, which is why we define our cuisine as “gastro artesanía”. A concept that entails transferring the best menu, with a careful presentation, with the best service to the place of the event.
We set the atmosphere and create spaces with the decoration department that are in charge of having decorative elements, the customer’s story. We put a name to your event and we make it unique. No two companies are the same, which is why no two events can be identical.
We advise and install the lighting, carpets, platforms that are necessary for each event. We can also install any type of tent as a possible plan B or even create a differential atmosphere. Tents that adapt to all types of spaces, and according to the weather conditions required.

Tot a Punt, takes care of everything. Celebrate your event with them, and get the success of your event.

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