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ABOUT Asun Prats
Asun Prats
Destination Promotion/Marketing Specialist

“Many times I wake up, but wonder if I’m still dreaming. This is precisely what I’ve always thought motivates and runs through the veins of the entrepreneur: living out his dreams.

This is how my dream of creating MallorcaLeads began. A dream that has been with me since I was very little. I have always had a passion to connect my groups of friends, knowing what that special something was that would connect us to a common theme or goal.

I am a dreamer, passionate, creative, committed, extremely enthusiastic (sometimes I go too far), but with a great capacity for vision and innovation. It is said that vision is another of the factors that define great entrepreneurs, and although I do not consider myself as ‘great’, I understand that innovation and vision play a very important role in the tourism and events sector.

I believe that a genuine smile can move mountains and even make towers tumble. I have always thought that a smile is the blood that runs through your veins, the enthusiasm to feed your day to day life, and the best dish that you can serve the entrepreneur before sitting him down at any desk.”

With these powerful ingredients, Asun Prats was born to be CEO of MallorcaLeads, a company that goes out of its way for each of the partners that make up this great family. Behind these companies in the MICE sector in Mallorca are wonderful professionals, who make these invaluable connections possible in this sector. We care for each partner as members of our own family, because that is how MallorcaLeads welcomes every single one.





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“I eat the grey days with the same desire as someone who devours an ice cream, and slowly sips an aromatic coffee on the seashore”

"Pleasure is found in the little things: cooking together with a good wine, laughing out loud and dancing until dawn as if there were no tomorrow"

“The beginnings of my entrepreneurship caused some dark clouds overhead. But nowadays, those dark clouds have given way to a smile and the ability to thrive through constant challenges”

“The success of my work consists of promoting Mallorca as a MICE destination, giving visibility to Mallorcaleads partners and the events they carry out, with great professionalism and dedication”


Experience at your service

MallorcaLeads is a large, professional family, made up of some of the best specialists in business meetings, incentives, events and conferences in Spain. Together with Asun Prats, a dozen MICE Talent Partners from Mallorca are on hand to work for you.

Our networking group is made up of experts in MICE consulting, web development, digital marketing, audiovisual content creation, copywriting or organisation of corporate events, among other fields.

Thanks to its select community of professional allies and its network of  trusted local supplier partners, MallorcaLeads is the guarantee for success and quality, for the organisation of any type of business event in the Balearic Islands.

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Members of the SET MICE AETIB (Tourist Strategy Agency of the Balearic Islands)
Preferred Member of the Business Platform "Club Cambra Mallorca" Chamber of Commerce of Mallorca
Visiting professor of the University of the Balearic Islands postgraduate course "University Specialist in MICE and event organisation" 
Active collaborators of the Felipe Moreno University School of Tourism , attached to the Nebrija University


MallorcaLeads’ mission is to exceed the needs and expectations of corporations and event agencies, through the services offered by Mallorcan companies. To do this, we promote our members’ businesses through constant and innovative commercial activities. We also help agents in the destination, to connect with international organisers of corporate events. In addition, we create networks of contacts between valued local businesses.

MallorcaLeads is a market leader. We successfully promote our associated companies in this new digital era. Effective networking, working closely with our partners and suppliers, our extremely professional style, sets us apart from the rest. It is a 3.0 company completely different from our competition. The birth of MallorcaLeads was a breath of fresh air in terms of promoting this beautiful destination. We are the island’s best promoters!

Boosting the economy

Under this philosophy and in just a few years of life, MallorcaLeads has established itself as a benchmark company in our sector. The key lies in our professional team and their extensive professionals experience in the segment of business travel and destination tourism promotion.

Our philosophy is based on a ‘win to win’ with our clients, creating economic synergies. On one hand, we put event organisers in contact with local service providers in the MICE sector, dedicated to meetings, incentives, conferences and events. This seasonally adjusted tourism segment includes hotels, agrotourism, service suppliers, restaurants, DMCs (destination management companies), beach clubs, venues, etc. We help professionals and corporate events agencies to find both the perfect setting and the best professionals for their corporate groups.

Quality tourism and deseasonalisation

MallorcaLeads contributes to quality tourism due to the profile of the clients that it brings to the island. We use our extensive knowledge of Mallorca as a destination, and our local suppliers, to be able to provide a continuous service to the sector, especially in the mid and low season.

This 100% private organisation has contributed to positioning Mallorca in the forefront of corporate events in Europe. This is a remarkable achievement in a predominantly sun and beach destination. MallorcaLeads actively contributes to the deseasonalisation of tourism on the island, adding to the economy outside the summer months.

Increase sales

MallorcaLeads also promotes Lifestyle in Mallorca, as among its partners are some of the best and most unique providers of it on the island. From top-level hotel chains and unique establishments, to unique locations, and many others.