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Tourism is among the most important economic drivers in many world regions, and Mallorca is no exception. With its natural beauty, rich culture and wide range of services, the island[...]

Mallorca, the jewel of the Balearic Islands, is a dream destination for organising events and business meting. If you are looking for places to host your team coffee breaks, this[...]

Never before has a question been answered so quickly. No one can ignore the fact that Mallorca is undoubtedly taking its place as the 21st century’s leading MICE destination. This[...]

Formerly, before the pandemic, travelling as we knew it had already witnessed several changes, with the sector expanding to cater for the many individual tastes and preferences of travellers. Since[...]

If you had to write associated words after the word ‘event’, what would they be? We have two: ‘successful’ and ‘unforeseen’. That is why we have especially prepared a list[...]

They say that taste is in variety, and enrichment is in diversity. That is exactly what Mallorca offers as an incredible MICE destination. Here, we propose 5 exceptional venues where you can[...]

Coincidiendo con IMEX Frankfurt, MallorcaLeads ha lanzado su nueva página web. Uno de los proyectos online más ambiciosos que existen para ofrecer visibilidad a los proveedores que ofrecen servicios MICE.[...]

Este mes de febrero desde MallorcaLeads pudimos organizar junto a diferentes colaboradores dos eventos exclusivos para DMCs y organizadores de eventos de la isla. El lugar para vivir una experiencia[...]

Desde MallorcaLeads organizamos para nuestros partners una Learning Session sobre el Kit Digital de la mano de Xavier March, CEO de la empresa Refineria Web. Un evento que organizamos en[...]