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We guide your MICE strategy


Become an event/MICE expert
Immerse yourself in this invaluable opportunity to be guided and advised by expert MICE specialists.
Do you want to profit from an investment into MICE?

Develop your MICE potential
with the best specialists in Mallorca
We will guide and accompany your every step in MICE
Digital marketing

We can advise on how to make better use of the content of your website and social media networks in order to attract and grow a stronger MICE audience. We will help you make it happen!

Human resources

Our ‘MICE Talent for Growth’ program has been created so that you can learn the professional MICE skills to propel you even further. We are MICE. Shall we grow together?


We give you the key tools to maximize your business leads and group requests. Essential brand support for MICE.


Hosted Buyers are your target. Learn how to attract them. We firmly plant your brand into the minds of leading event organisers


 It’s not enough to be sustainable or responsible alone. You have to make it profitable.

When is it right
to hire a MICE consultancy?

When you do not see the results you need, despite investing your precious time and money.

When you are already working in MICE but you know you can make improvements.

Because MICE doesn’t give you two chances to make that first impression: you have to get it right the first time.

Because a talented consultant can accelerate what would take your company years to discover and implement.

Because only a specialist will tell you how and where to improve, when to act and with whom.

Our proven MICE Consulting method


We undertake an audit and analysis of your product or service in relation to the MICE segment. We will assess both the competition and the market. Together, we will identify the strengths and weaknesses, as well as the opportunities for growth and any possible risks.



Our strategic report will highlight and recommend the necessary remedial actions to be taken. Quick Wins: we advise on short-term, economic actions which are easy to execute, based on our professional knowledge of this exciting industry. With MICE, everything must work in harmony.



Identify and implement your Strategic Plan. MallorcaLeads connects you with the perfect MICE specialists for your business. Through close monitoring, we will ensure the efficacy of the recommended and implemented actions.

In MICE We Trust
We are MICE




MallorcaLeads specialist MICE Consulting is a premium service for companies in Mallorca. Whether you have started your adventure into the business meetings, incentives, conferences and events segment or not, or whether you are looking to enhance or improve certain aspects of activity within this field, we are your all encompassing consultancy.

If you don’t know what MICE is, don’t worry. MallorcaLeads and its professional Consulting Team are here to help you understand this very special and exciting tourism activity. We will guide and show you the right steps to take, in order to grow and strengthen your business within the MICE segment of Mallorca. Total peace of mind and security is our promise to you. In a short time, your company will acquire the necessary skills to respond to the challenges and requirements of organising impressive and effective corporate events.


Our MICE consultation service is both strategic and effective. We will guide the prior market analysis and planning as well as support in the execution of precise recommended actions, hand in hand with the best collaborators.

For the development and implementation of the recommendations of the MallorcaLeads consultancy, we rely on our MICE Talent Partners. These are specialist professionals in various fields, including digital marketing, web development, graphic design, photography, video and many more. These partners have our full endorsement, based upon their proven track record of understanding and creating multiple and consistent successes within business tourism.

If you are ready to go one step further and implement the actions that we advise in your MICE Strategy, we will put you in direct contact with the MICE partners that best match your business needs. In addition, we will supervise the execution, as well as measure the results of our
Consultancy service.


As consultants specialised in MICE in Mallorca, we offer you a fully comprehensive and personalised service. Our audit and consultancy services can address just part, or all of the critical areas for success in the organisation of corporate events:
– Selling
– Promotion
– Digital Marketing for MICE
– Human Resources
– CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) for the MICE segment

The MallorcaLeads 360º Strategic and Operational Planning for MICE consists of a few, easy steps.

  • First is The Interview. This includes the Audit and Analysis of the current position of your product or service, in relation to the MICE market, competition, KPIs (key performance indicators) and the identification of opportunities, risks, strengths and weaknesses.
  • In the second phase, a Report (The MICE Report) is prepared for you. This will highlight the areas for improvement, and propose scheduled actions to develop your MICE strategy. This document is an authentic MICE Manual for your company.
  • The third and last stage encompasses the continued support and operational follow-up of the actions recommended in the report. If you decide to implement our Strategic Plan, we will put you in direct contact with the MICE Talent Partners who can best meet your needs. We will closely monitor the implementation and development of each action.

To discover all the advantages of using a tourist consultancy service who specialise in business events in the Balearic Islands, we invite you to download the MallorcaLeads Titanium Service brochure and to contact us with any questions or requirements you may have. We will be delighted to see your business grow with us! Do you MICE?