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Pinup Azafatas y Eventos

Pinup Hostesses born in September 2012 thanks to the idea and the experience of one of its co-founders over 10 years in the promotional marketing as a hostess of events and conferences.
Pinup Hostesses is mainly based on human resources, but also advise and plan promotions or events that our customers will make.

We work mainly in the Balearic Islands, but soon will cover Madrid and Barcelona to later expand to the entire national territory.

In short, we are a young dynamic company run by people with new ideas to implement and with great enthusiasm for our work.

That illusion that we have been reflected in the large number of customers who have already given us an opportunity and through which we could grow and make a name in the world of hostess agencies.

We offer an exclusive deal, involving ourselves in promotions or events for everything to be perfect. Each event we do, we feel as our own.

We think that having an ongoing relationship with the staff and the customer before, during and after the event is essential to achieve the planned objectives and therefore make it impossible for everything to be perfect.

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