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La Catedral de Mallorca

Majorca Cathedral is the identifying sign of and most important monument to Majorcan gothic architecture. Located in Palma’s historic old town on the sea cliff where the Roman city was built, its imposing situation overlooking the bay makes it the first thing to catch the visitor’s attention on arrival in the port of Palma. Its silhouette stands out above the city walls and other buildings, making it one of the landmarks of Palma’s sea front. The origins of the Cathedral’s construction date back to the XIV century. The building occupies an area of 6,600 square metres, and is 121 metres long and 40 metres wide. It is calculated that the Cathedral can hold 18,000 people. Its central nave reaches 44 metres above the ground, making it one of the tallest gothic cathedrals.

The slenderness and simplicity of its pillars and walls accentuate the interior’s sensation of space and weightlessness, making it one of the rooms with the broadest proportions in Christendom. The walls are pierced by 90 stained-glass windows, 7 of which are rose windows. These split the sun’s white light, bathing the interior surfaces with colour. Its biggest rose window, with an area of 100 square metres is one of the largest examples of a gothic rose window.

The Cathedral is primarily the episcopal see of the Diocese of Majorca, but is also, and has always been, one of the most important buildings in the island’s social and cultural life. A receptacle of art, culture and tradition, its interior displays the mediaeval mysteries of Gothic art, the humanist proportions of the Renaissance, the splendour and virtuosity of the baroque and the sobriety of classicism.

However, if our Cathedral has one special boast, this is that it has not become frozen in the passage of the centuries. Its form and function have evolved, adapting themselves to new times. Thanks to this, thanks to seeing itself as a living cathedral, avant-garde artists such as Antoni Gaudí, in 1904, and Miquel Barceló, in 2006, were invited to contribute to the history of this great monument.

Every year hundreds of thousands of people pass through the Cathedral, drawn here by the curiosity that is awoken by these emblematic buildings which are the spiritual expression of Beauty.

The walk through inside of the naves, the three rooms of the chapter museum and the baroque cloister make a visit to the Cathedral of Majorca an unmissable part of any visit to the Island.

Our Cathedral has a timetable of visits adapted to the demands of visitors to the city, and welcomes individual visitors as well as groups organised by the various travel agencies based in the islands. We can include MICE groups amongst these, and under certain agreements we can provide exclusive visits so you can offer your clients something different and distinct from the trips on offer for general groups, as well as concerts behind closed doors or talks about various chapels. We are always open to considering requests by MICE groups on a case by case basis.

In this regard the Cathedral offers visits to its terraces, organized for small groups of up to 25 people, to enjoy a unique architectonic experience, with views over the sea from the SOUTH terrace and over the city from the NORTH terrace. The Cathedral’s history and architecture make this a UNIQUE visit. As a result of the restoration works required in the bell-tower, these visits will not be available until further notice. MICE groups will be advised of and invited to the inauguration of these visits. We will explain how you can make reservations via our web site, the prices of these reservations, schedules, offers that complement the visit, etc.

Within the scope of visits by MICE groups, we can also arrange small-group visits to the Royal Chapel, the recently restored sacristies and choir stalls, in order to offer MICE visitors a different perspective during their stay, whether it be for conferences, events, and so on.

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