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Fàbrica Ramis

At Fàbrica Ramis on 9th February we hosted a special evening for events management agencies and major corporate clients.
Just as on other occasions, the island’s foremost events agencies attended this new experience. We would like to give our heartfelt thanks to everyone for their participation.
The evening consisted in offering a great, live experiment, an experiential event that focussed on demonstrating the versatility of the spaces. These were set out to show off their potential to the full, to try and leave very little to the imagination, and to provide the best representation of the many possibilities that the spaces at Fàbrica Ramis offer.
All the spaces at Fàbrica Ramis were shown with different layouts supported by state-of-the-art elements. The entire evening was possible thanks to the events supplier companies who pooled efforts and experience to showcase the best of Fàbrica Ramis, the venue where “everything is possible”.